Food & Lifestyle Blog from a Spice & Tea Artisan about Living in the Ozarks

This site is a food and lifestyle blog about living, loving, eating and adventuring in the Ozarks.

I came to the Ozarks with my family in 2015 to live intentionally and follow my own set of rules.  I decided to pack up my suburban life in a bustling big city and settle into a slower pace of life surrounded by natural beauty and simple expectations.  There were more than a few surprises during the transition, but it led to a culture of artistry, unique experiences, and a sense of community that I had never known.

We settled into the Branson area by opening a boutique specializing in spices, teas and gourmet gifts.  Food is, after all, one of my greatest pleasures in life.  It has taken me some time to learn my way around, both the area and owning a small business here.  Now, I want to share my experiences with you.  Aside from a way to promote my store, which will happen often and shamelessly, I want to share some of the really cool places I've found while living here; places that might not stand out in the local tourist guide, but are definitely worth a look. In addition, this blog will capture my food explorations, favorite recipes, and highlight all those things that make my food geek shine.

So, strap in, get your forks and knives ready, and enjoy the ride.

Who is #BransonSpiceGirl?

I am infinite possibilities and continuous opportunities for improvement.  Adventurous yet introverted; I create, explore, and connect while taking plenty of time to chill, contemplate and enjoy my solitude.  I love life, food, nature, and the complexities of the human condition.  


Come In and Smell the Spices!

The Spice & Tea Exchange of Branson offers spices, teas, and gourmet gifts.  Located within Branson Landing, we handcraft over 75 custom spice blends, carry over 35 high-end loose leaf teas, 15+ all-natural flavored sugars, tons of spices and herbs for all your cooking needs, and plenty of food and tea related gifts and accessories.