#WellnessWednesdays are a Thing Now

One of the goals I had set forth for 2018 was to embrace an organic lifestyle again, and focus on well-being both inside and out.  I've weeded out the big players in my life and continue to look for ways to better myself.  It's been about 3 weeks and I have to say that I feel fabulous.  I feel so good in fact that I want to extend this lifestyle into my businesses. 

It's not a hard transition since both The Spice & Tea Exchange and NYR Branson both focus on organic, fair trade, and fresh ingredients.  I've got the right products for sure.  What I need now is to educate and assist my customers (and clients) to help them reach the same level of fabulous that I feel.  After playing around with a few ideas, I decided to start with one day a week where everything was about health and well-being. 

At The Spice & Tea Exchange, #WellnessWednesdays will get you 50% off any of our wellness teas by the cup at our Tea Bar Experience.  Coming in February, it will bring you wellness facts and clean eating ideas through social media shares and in store demonstrations.  Soon, I'll add healthy living classes and workshops to help the community adopt a healthier lifestyle.

At NYR Branson, #WellnessWednesdays will mean free skin care consultations for anyone interested and a bonus gift for anyone who hosts a party on a Wednesday.

As I ramp up my natural wellness and life coaching business again, I will be offering free health profiles on Wednesdays and holding contests to win free services such as a healthy house makeover or a free 7 Day Cleanse program.

It's safe to say that #WellnessWednesday will become my most rewarding day of the week because I'll get to help amazing people like you.  If you want to learn more about #WellnessWednesdays or how to book a session with me, visit my contact form here or email bransonspicegirl@gmail.com.