Cinnabar Smoked Ham with Cherry-Maple Glaze

Cinnabar Smoked Ham with Cherry-Maple Glaze
This ham was a holiday favorite!

This ham was a holiday favorite!

This smoked and glazed ham is a manly specimen.  It was generously rubbed down with our Cinnabar Smoke Rub and slow smoked over applewood for 4 hours.  Then, I coated it well with a cherry-maple whiskey glaze, popped it in a 300º F oven until it was a sticky, spicy, hunk of pork-love.

Cherry-Maple Whiskey Glaze

I am the kind of cook that likes things to be quick and easy without tasting quick and easy.  Time efficiency is just as important as flavor. So, I tend to throw things together and see what happens.  This glaze was one of those things. 



Combine all ingredients in a pot over medium-high heat and bring to a boil.  Simmer until thickened (about 10 minutes)  Keep warm until ready to use.

I describe Cinnabar Smoke Spice Blend as a smoked cinnamon, spicy; explode your taste-buds kind of a rub.  It pairs perfectly with pork, but loves chicken and heavier cuts of beef as well.  It makes a killer compound butter for roasted corn or to top steaks.  I’ve been known to toss it with olive oil over oven-roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes as well.
— #BransonSpiceGirl
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