BransonSpiceGirl Returns to Organic Life

BransonSpiceGirl Returns to Organic Life

2018 is my year to cut the BS and return to my roots. 

After nearly 3 years in the Ozarks, I have woken up to the realization that I let my health (and my values) get away from me.  It started with a month long wait to receive my furniture upon moving here which had me eating out and making simple meals.  It continued with excuses that it was too expensive, too much work, or I didn't have enough time.  I stressed myself out so much just trying to open a business, run it, and deal with all the constant change happening around me that my disordered eating returned, my depression returned, and I went, for lack of a better analogy, numb.

It took me a while, but I finally woke up to what I was doing to myself and how far removed I was from my truest (and healthiest) self.  So, I am dedicating 2018 as my year to return to self.  The first step is to throw off the kid gloves and take a good hard look at things around me.  It's time to remove negative thought and negative people from my space.  It's time to surround myself with ingredients and foods that support my health.  It's time to shop local.  It's time to take care of my community.  It's time to clean up my environment and be responsible for how I impact the world around me.  

As part of my dedication, I have signed on with a wonderful organic product line to be an independent consultant on all thing organic beauty and lifestyle.  I will be shifting my blog to include more health and wellness information.  I'll be sharing my own journey and offering assistance to all of you out there looking to improve their health and adopt a more organic/natural lifestyle.  

For those unaware, holistic counseling and natural wellness was what I did prior to opening The Spice & Tea Exchange of Branson.  So, it's a natural shift for me to open my coaching and consulting business back up for the public, and to share my knowledge with all who wish to receive it.  If you are interested in learning more, please stay tuned on this website and follow me on Facebook at: