5 Essentials for the College Bound Foodie

5 Essentials for the College Bound Foodie

School is starting and it's time to think about decking out those dorm rooms.  For a foodie, dorms can be a bit of a challenge.  There is limited space and almost no plug-ins for all your favorite gadgets.  So, I came up with #BransonSpiceGirl's dorm room essentials for the college foodie.  All the items on this list are versatile enough to use in multiple ways yet still small enough to tuck into any sized room.


#1 - Urban Tea Tumbler (on sale for $24.95 at The Spice & Tea Exchange™ of Branson)

Our urban tea tumbler is the perfect grab and go bottle for all your drinking needs.  It has a built in infuser so you can brew tea on the go.  Works great with hot or cold brews, and it's cork sleeve with wrist strap keeps it cool to the touch. The sleek design stows easily in a backpack or the pocket of your oversized hoodie.  Pair this tumbler with one of our Sweet Tea Treats or a bundle of favorite teas for a great gift idea.

#2 - Meal Mugs ($25.35 for 2)

These 20 oz. oven proof mugs are perfect for all kinds of individual sized creations.  You can do soups, stews, beverages, mug cakes, ramen, and pretty much anything else you can dream up.  You can microwave them, put them in the dishwasher, store them in a fridge or freezer, and put them in a preheated oven.  I love these things and your college student will too!

#3 - Electric Kettle ($19.99)

An electric kettle is a must have for any college dorm room.  You can use it to make tea, coffee, oatmeal, instant soups, and more.  Our store carries a high end Aroma brand kettle, but for dorms, I like this Ovente for its small size, discount price tag and the fun colors it comes in.

#4 - Overdoor Storage Basket Rack ($27.95)

This 5 foot storage basket hooks over any door and gives you an instant pantry to store all your goodies.  Of course, if you are like me, you will have food, bathroom items, shoes, bags, and all kinds of other things stashed in this handy rack.  Let's face it, those rooms are small and vertical storage that tucks behind a door is a very good thing.


#5 - Gift Certificate to The Spice & Tea Exchange ($10 and up)

What's the fun in being a foodie if you don't have seasonings to play with?  Let your college favorite pick their favorites to have on hand for all their college cooking adventures.  Gift certificates are available at The Spice & Tea Exchange™ of Branson and start at $10.  You can also order a $25 online gift certificate here.