New Product: Southern Iced Tea

I am super excited to share one of our new products at The Spice & Tea Exchange™ of Branson.  For my iced tea lovers out there, we have a new cut black tea perfectly blended for making iced tea.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that this Southern girl has been drinking iced tea since birth so when I say that this is a great tea, my friend, it's a great tea.  

One of my favorite things about this blend is that we can offer it to you in 4 oz. bags at the same price as my 1 oz. whole leaf teas.  Yeah baby!  It makes an incredible sweet tea as well.  The kind you can only get in Georgia during the hottest months of the year.  Okay, maybe you can get it in other places, but I know how serious you Georgians are about your sweet tea.  

Our official directions are that 4 oz. makes 2 gallons of tea, but I have found that unless you like it stronger than a bull in mating season then you'll be able to get twice that easy.  The only thing about our teas that you gotta understand is that we sell in bulk so you will need to use an infuser like the one in our gallon pitcher or, if you're on the go, try our large paper filters.  They saved me from subpar tea on my last vacation.

Check out the video below for more instructions on brewing this tea in our gallon pitcher.  You can even make sun tea in it!

How to brew our new Southern Iced Tea with our gallon pitcher.  Both available at The Spice & Tea Exchange™ of Branson!

Fun Ways to Make Great Iced Tea

  • Simple and Strong - on a hot day when you want the ice to do all the work
  • Fruit Infusion - add citrus, berries and other favorite fruits to give your tea a refreshing flavor.  You can even freeze the fruit in ice cube trays for a fun display.
  • Spiced Up - fresh ginger, mint leaves, basil leaves and even rosemary make great additions to iced tea.  Impress your friends with your amazing skills by adding a few sprigs of fresh herbs and/or flowers to their glasses while you're having a tea party in the garden.
  • Flavored Sugars - our flavored sugars are a great way to add flavor and interest to your iced tea.  You can even blend the different flavors for a fun twist:  raspberry+lemon, apple cinnamon crisp+blueberry, or butterscotch+ginger

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