Greek Omelet with Arugula

Greek Omelet with Arugula
I love Mediterranean food.  I love all food, but I really love Mediterranean food.  So, it was only natural that I was going to add a Greek flair to my morning omelet.
— BransonSpiceGirl

This particular little morsel is flavored with our Greek seasoning and topped with wilted arugula, sliced grape tomatoes, and feta cheese.




Okay, in full-disclosure, I am not an expert in omelet making.  I break more than I perfect, but if you’re looking for expert advice, here’s a great tutorial.  If you’re brave, here is my method:

  1. After whisking together all my ingredients, I spray down my omelet pan with olive oil spray and get it nice and hot. 
  2. I pour in the omelet mixture working quickly to push the eggs toward the middle to set up. 
  3. Once about 2/3 setup, I turn the heat down, hold my breath, and attempt to fold the omelet in half without making scrambled eggs.  If I am successful in this endeavor, I’ll give the folded over omelet a complete flip in the pan.  Of course, if I got this far, then I tend to get cocky and do the non-spatula, flick-of-the-wrist, pan flip. 
  4. I top with arugula and turn off the heat.  The heat of the pan and omelet will wilt the arugula.
  5.   Finally, I slide it onto a plate and top with tomatoes, feta cheese and a few sprigs of fresh oregano.

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